Beacon Grand, a Union Square Hotel (the former Sir Francis Drake)

450 Powell Street
San Francisco, CA  94102

When a classic's gone somewhat cliche, it's time for a refresh. In revamp mode myself, post-pandemic and pre-happy days are here again (!), I am thrilled to add this Union Square icon back to our map of partners. Gone are the sentry Beefeaters (corny?), and added is a new sense of refinement to go along with the classic grandeur.

The Beacon Grand is elegant again, without being stuffy. And it's tasty, too! Downstairs, you'll find fine dining and well-curated drinking. Upstairs, your rooms will cocoon you in comfort.

And while they are still in the getting-to-know-you stage, we get a big discount (20% off their Best Available Rate with Urban Facility Fee ($29) waived for us!).

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You may visit their website at

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