About Academic Ambassadors

After twelve years, we are now an aggregation of nonprofiteers with some leverage! (Click here to see where Academic Ambassadors come from.)

Together, we form a co-op of sorts with an aggregation of insight and shared needs. So, please don't hesitate to contact me with with any requests or suggestions. And, if you'd like a recommendation that only someone on the ground can provide (where to take a donor for dinner, what's the right venue for a reception…), I'll contact a member based in that location for ideas and pass them on.

Thanks, as ever, members, for your trust and confidence. I look forward to expanding and improving this service. Your assistance will go a long way to helping Academic Ambassadors meet its potential.

Message from the Founder

Adam Siegel

When I was the Director of Major Gifts at Smith College, I traveled quite a lot and all over the country to meet with alumnae. What I know (and you know) is that there are thousands of us academic travelers and other peripatetic nonprofiteers (pros and vols) representing our institutions to outside constituencies. And, we spend real money (millions in the aggregate).

Knowledge of this market has until now escaped the travel industry — that's why we have not been eligible for deep discounts.

Calling from my office with its small (but dedicated) group of traveling staff, I could not lever our travel into discounts beyond the off-the-shelf corporate rate or AAA; we just did not have the numbers that a large company can guarantee. The creation of Academic Ambassadors was born of that frustration.

I hope this service works for you. I am enjoying making contacts in the nonprofit world to learn of your interests as I represent us to hotels around the country. For this program to thrive, I need word-of-mouth to spread news of this concept. Then, I will have even greater leverage to request even deeper discounts.

Hoping we'll stay in touch and wishing you terrific success and comfort on the road,

Yours truly,

Adam Siegel

Adam M. Siegel
President, Academic Ambassadors

Click here to see where Academic Ambassadors come from
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