Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do I have to register?

    No, it's optional. But, it's a good way for me to know where our members go and how to get in touch with them when there's a new development (opening of a new hotel in a given city, deeper discounts…). If the concern is the disposition of emails and addresses, don't worry, please. In the twenty years since AcAmb was launched, I've shared/sold no data, and I won't.

  2. Do I get a member's card?

    No. Hotels won't ask for one. Don't worry!

  3. Is there any cost to joining or using AcAmb?

    No. (Again, don't worry so much.)

  4. Why aren't there hotels abroad? ("you're being very provincial, you know.")

    Yes, I know. And, I'm working on it. Please forward any suggestions; I hate being provincial (and it's bad for business).

  5. Why don't you have any hotels in Boise? Pittsburgh? Tampa…?

    I'd love to (send me your recommendations, please!). It's just that I don't always find the right match for us in a given city. So, instead of choosing the next best place, I'll wait for someone to build something really right.

  6. Is it just for professional nonprofiteers?

    No, emphatically. Anyone with a nonprofit affiliation is eligible, including volunteers, board members, members of an alumni association, congregants…

  7. Only for business?

    Pleasure, too!

  8. Can I use the local hotels for out-of-town visitors?


  9. What about groups?

    Glad you asked! I can often leverage even deeper discounts with a larger head count. In that case, let me know well in advance of your dates so that I can negotiate for you. And, most of our hotels have in-house catering and meeting/reception rooms.

  10. Why are you doing this?

    It's fun for me. I've been a fundraiser forever and this is a nice way to stay connected to peers and to save worthy and parsimonious nonprofits some money. And, being in the right place is good for our morale and mental health (which is also good for productivity). Also, AcAmb is a for-profit; so, that subsidizes my nonprofit side a little.

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